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Facing the threat head on It is not an exaggeration to say that cyber security continues to top the agenda for most global enterprises. Since TechInformed launched less than a year ago, no subject has elicited a greater response than cyber threats, with the number of attacks recorded in the first half of 2022 up 15.1% on the previous year, according to ThoughtLab. I don’t write this to be alarmist, but pragmatic. Without trying to sound like a cliched advert for a cyber security firm - who provide an invaluable service to enterprises - but it is almost certain, in this most uncertain of times, that your business is more likely than not to come under threat. Of all the cyber threats out there, one of the most prominent and nefarious is ransomware - when attackers take your data or systems hostage, with the promise of returning access in exchange for a fee. TechInformed can’t claim to produce a report that prevents this from happening, but we can introduce you, through conversations with over 50 cyber security specialists, to your enemy, the ransomware attacker, which may help you make more informed decisions about which technologies and strategies to deploy. In this special report - pulled together by the brilliant TechInformed editorial team - we dive right into what ransomware actually is, how it happens, and what you can do to both prevent it or,, in the worst case scenario, when you fall victim to it. The key thing to remember: Don’t panic. This report is not about bigging up the threat to your busi - ness - though that threat is a very real one. It is a practical intro to the world of ransomware. Please let us know what you think on the social handles below.

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To create this report, TechInformed reached out across the industry for key insights into ransom- ware, and the response was overwhelming. We’d like to thank all of those who contributed, whether quotes were used directly or as part of our research. Please see a list of organisations that contributed below – and thanks to them for their input. Akamai, Adarma, BlueVoyant, Canon, Censor- net, Central Networks, CheckPoint, Cyberproof, Cybersmart, Cyber Risk, CYFOR, DigitalXRAID, Drawbridge, eSentire, Enpass Technologies, Exiger, Forcepoint, Forescout Security, Hamilton Barnes, Intercity, KnowBe4, KPMG, Kroll, Netacea, Non- ame Security, NormCyber, Nozomi Networks, Otka, Open Systems, Psybersafe, Privacy Compliance Hub, Qualys, Quostar, Searchlight, Secure Age, Splunk, SureCloud, S-RM, Trend Micro, Threat Quotient, Thales, Trelix, University of Nottingham IEEE group, Vectra, VIPRE, Yubico

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