9 Enterprise Backup Challenges and How to Overcome Them

Cost savings Lyve Cloud can help reduce backup storage and cloud-based disaster recovery expenses considerably when compared to other options. Use our Backup Storage TCO Calculator for an estimate of potential backup storage savings. No vendor lock-in Users can utilize Lyve Cloud with whatever backup regime and/or software provider they prefer. Lyve Cloud’s S3-compatible interface is certifed with leading backup software providers, including Veritas, CommVault, Rubrik, Veeam, IBM Spectrum Protect, Cohesity, and many more. See our software partner list for complete details. Ease of use Lyve Cloud provides one repository for all cloud/colocation and archive backup copies while also giving users greater fexibility to back up and restore data on premises or in the cloud (hybrid cloud or multicloud), including disaster recovery.

Accessibility and availability Unlike most cloud providers, Lyve Cloud does not charge for API calls or data egress, so users can access more data without getting hit with additional fees. In addition, Lyve Cloud’s multi-regional availability, paired with industry-leading data durability (always on with four nines uptime and 29 nines data durability) and encryption, ensures data is always on and available without costly delays. Lyve Cloud enables enterprises to use S3-compatible storage—even for primary backup data. Built-in object immutability protects it from cyber security threats such as ransomware. Scalability Lyve Cloud’s simple, capacity-based pricing supports limitless scalability without breaking the bank. With zero charges for API calls or egress fees, bill anxiety gives way to predictable economics based on usage. This allows backup capacity to scale on demand without fnancial risk. Expedited data access and deletions are included as well. When it comes to business continuity, restores can’t wait. With Lyve Cloud, there are no costly delays and users have the full data management fexibility required for efficient data protection and disaster recovery.


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