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Business Benefits of Lyve Cloud for Backup and Restore Customers will find that Lyve Cloud fits their next wave of digital transformation, allowing their distributed data resources to map more easily to a unified data resource that spans the core, the cloud, and the edge in today’s hybrid multicloud environments. • Lyve Cloud reduces costs that are related to moving enterprise data into and out of cloud services. That means data stored in Lyve Cloud will be immediately accessible without incurring any data ingress or data egress fees from cloud service providers (CSPs). • Lyve Cloud supports customers’ hybrid-cloud and multicloud strategies. Customers can use their data without experiencing CSP vendor lock-in that would otherwise tie them to one preferred cloud via specific software tools that are only available on that cloud. • Lyve Cloud is always-on. Data backups are available when needed without costly delays via a platform that provides industry-leading data durability and world-class security.

EDGE ENABLEMENT & COMPUTE Leverage the combined expertise of Seagate and Equinix ® —the world’s digital infrastructure company—to store and access data at the metro edge. With Platform Equinix ® , you get the power of interconnections and choice of compute for your S3 workloads.

EASE OF MANAGEMENT Easily manage your data with an intuitive dashboard, accessible consumption metrics, and 24×7 expert support through Lyve Cloud Console.


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