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Key Takeaways Given that data can be located on premises or off premises, the way backup/restores are done is increasingly important for customers who want to make more efficient use of their online and offline data resources. Lyve Cloud supports and extends enterprise data protection strategies. It provides a single, capacity-based pricing tier with no API traffic expenses, no egress costs for moving data, and no bandwidth or network limitations or costs. Lyve Cloud complements customers’ traditional data storage approaches and has the effect of simplifying the tiered storage data that customers currently use. They can consolidate and scale backup data without any additional investments for on-premises storage. This reduces the customer’s overall backup TCO and allows customers to use backup data to analyze their business and IT infrastructure holistically. Lyve Cloud gives customers the power to analyze backup data, to grow their business, and to ensure business continuity. It provides frictionless activation in complex multicloud environments, supporting data mobility and faster analytics for enterprise data. Customers are finding that Lyve Cloud from Seagate provides a powerful new backup and restore data- protection platform for organizations that truly understand the value of data to improve business outcomes.

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