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Data Device Types

Purpose-Built Backup Appliances

PBBAs are efficient backup solutions and storage targets. They provide fast access to local backup storage. Typically, they include RAID standards for an added layer of reliability, using data deduplication options for better storage utilization. PBBA backups can be easily scaled to Lyve Cloud S3, freeing local storage capacity on PBBA appliances to back up more of a customer’s primary data. Nearline data and data with long retention requirements (e.g. archiving) is stored efficiently in Lyve Cloud. Enterprise data protection software running on a PBBA typically supports data deduplication to efficiently store and transfer backup data in Lyve Cloud S3.

Network-Attached Storage

NAS systems are widely used, supporting storage and retrieval of data from a centralized location. Secondary copies of production data are often stored on NAS using built-in functions like replication software to propagate a backup to other NAS devices or to cloud storage. With Lyve Cloud S3 storage as a service, customers can scale out their NAS storage for backup purposes, or they can replace some of their NAS capacity.

Tape and LTO

LTO tape drives and media are used to store backups and to archive data at low costs for long periods of time. The main benefits of tape include its reliability, low- cost media, and ability to air-gap production data, protecting data from change or deletion. Consequently, there’s a requirement for ongoing administration, maintenance, and planning for the tape drives and media. Over time, customers are faced with tape generational compatibility challenges and media migrations that allow them to maintain access to archived data. Lyve Cloud is a solution that improves TCO, compliance, and data security, and it simplifies on-premises LTO migration tasks by providing long-term access to data.


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