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The Lyve Cloud Solution Lyve ™ Cloud is an S3 object storage solution. This means it can store a wide range of data—and it stores that data as immutable objects which cannot be tampered with or changed. Introduced this year, Lyve Cloud is ideal for the retention of massive volumes of data that must be accessed but not edited. It’s an important way to consolidate and retain data stored on multiple tape-archive resources throughout an organization. Object storage is increasingly being used to support data for the purpose of analytic processing, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. Lyve Cloud can be deployed on premises, off premises, or at a colocation site where it can be accessed rapidly as a backup data repository. Storage administrators can use Lyve Cloud to complement their local backup storage systems. With Lyve Cloud, backup data can be managed by the backup application that is running on customers’ backup servers or PBBA products. This storage-only cloud is complementary to, rather than a replacement for, PBBA local storage solutions. When customers need more capacity to back up their local data, they have the choice to scale their on- premises backup and PBBA solution to Lyve Cloud. They can do so seamlessly, easily, and efficiently without disrupting local data storage. The data comes from customers’ multiple storage tiers, reducing the time and cost of finding and retrieving data. Importantly, customers will gain protection from ransomware attacks. The data sets vital to the customer’s business are stored and preserved in Lyve Cloud, and they can be quickly retrieved to support business continuity if and when a ransomware attack occurs. Lyve Cloud immutability protects the data, ensuring end-to-end data integrity for customers who use Lyve Cloud for backup and restore processes.


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