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A New Form of Backup and Restore Lyve Cloud bridges the gap between local storage, tape vaulting, cloud storage, and the enterprise data center. Lyve Cloud provides always-on capabilities, world-class security, and a reduced cost profile to data at rest and data in motion. It can be leveraged to store data that is moving from the core to the cloud to the edge in a corporation, government agency, or other organization. Customers will find that Lyve Cloud fits into their next wave of digital transformation, allowing their distributed data resources to map more easily to compute services in data centers—and in the cloud. By using Lyve Cloud, customers ensure their ability to protect data—and to restore it rapidly in case of on-premises data outages. Seagate’s partnership with Equinix® brings data resources directly to Equinix’ colocation data centers in 64 major metros on five continents around the world. Seagate works with a growing ecosystem of independent software vendors that provide software products that complement Lyve Cloud deployments, including Cohesity, Commvault, Equinix, Rubrik, Veeam, and others. Complexity is a key issue for backup/restore and data retrieval. Most companies have data silos—whether they are located near or far—that hold isolated data resources. Lyve Cloud simplifies data replication and data retrieval by enabling consolidation of multiple data silos into a single backup repository, allowing data to be successfully restored to achieve business continuity. Key benefits of Lyve Cloud for backup include the following characteristics that preserve business data—and provide rapid restoration of data, as needed: • Provides seamless integration and scalability/expansion of on-premises backup solutions. This gives customers more capacity to scale up their rapidly growing data resources. Lyve Cloud fits with—and is complementary to—customers’ hybrid-cloud and multicloud environments. • Ensures cost predictability. With Lyve Cloud, there are no ingress fees or egress fees for data transfer, which supports full backup data mobility. Lyve Cloud can be used for primary and secondary data copies, as well as for air-gapped copies of data.

PREDICTABLE CLOUD ECONOMICS Eliminate bill anxiety with simple pricing and long-term predictability, allowing you to scale without limits.


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